Things You May Not Know About Adoption

If you want to add another member to your family and are considering adoption, there are some things you should know before making the decision to contact one of the many adoption services that are available.

1. It's Expensive and Can Take Years

It can take years to find a child in the U.S., especially if you want a white baby. For this reason, many people turn to international adoptions. This isn't fast or inexpensive either. An international adoption takes on average about 3 years and costs about $30,000. This can put international adoptions out of reach of many families. Adopting an older child or one with a disability or medical problem can speed up the process in the U.S.

2. There Can Be Unpleasant Surprises

Children may have behavioral problems, health problems or developmental delays. They aren't guaranteed to love you instantly, and adoptive parents and children don't necessarily bond with each other immediately or ever. In the case of international adoptions, it's best to take your new child to an adoptive medical specialist who has experience in dealing with these children because this type of doctor will know what tests are best and how to interpret foreign medical records. 

3. Not Everyone Can Adopt

Some states and some countries have laws that prohibit certain people from adopting, making it harder for these people to find children. Unmarried couples, single people, gay or lesbian couples, and people with a different ethnic or racial background from the child they wish to adopt will have a harder time than a married heterosexual couple. The rules vary in different countries, states and adoption agencies.

4. It's Different From Bringing Home Your Own Newborn

The whole experience of bringing home a newly adopted child is different from bringing home your own newborn. The child may not be a newborn, you won't be sending out birth announcements (although you may send out similar announcements about the adoption), you may not get a "baby" shower to help you stock up on all the supplies you need, and you may never know your new child's full history. You're limited to the small amount of information provided by the adoption agency, and many details either aren't known or aren't shared about the child's past.

5. Consider Adopting From Foster Care

If you can't afford the high cost of adopting an infant from an agency or internationally, adopting children from foster care may be a better option. It can be a faster process and the expenses are minimal. These children tend to be older, although sometimes infants are available, and may have siblings that they wish to be placed with.

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