Personalize Your Loved One’s Funeral

While planning a funeral can be a very difficult process, the goal behind doing so is to memorialize the loved one that has now passed away. Many funeral homes offer package deals allowing them to handle most of the details of the funeral. While this can be good for those who are too distraught to handle it on their own, there are some people who choose to have a more personalized funeral in their honor. If your loved one expressed this interest before they passed, there are certain things you can do to make it more personable. 

A Moving Eulogy

There are two purposes to a eulogy. One is to greet the attendees of the funeral and provide them a better connection to the person who passed away. The second purpose is to celebrate the life of the person. When it comes time to make the eulogy, it is important that someone close to the person handle it. They need to have a connection with the person to help provide better insight into what that person was like. Not all funerals have a eulogy given, but it a great way to remember the life the person lived. 

Embrace Their Culture

One of the best ways to personalize a loved one's funeral is by embracing their culture. Not all funerals are held inside the funeral home. Many funeral homes will now hold the funeral in a location that is symbolic to the deceased. When a funeral was held for the Hurricane Katrina victims, a large jazz parade was held to better honor the victims and their culture. In order to keep the funeral more personalized, you want to think about location and interests of the deceased. If they loved fishing and would always go to a specific lake, then maybe holding the funeral on the banks of the lake would be ideal. 

Give Them Something to Take With Them

Favors are not just for weddings these days. By giving the guests at the funeral something to take with them, they can use it as a last keepsake to remember the person by. If the deceased enjoyed gardening, a bag of seeds can be a thoughtful gift for the attendees. There are many ways to remember the person through a small gift. From candles to scripted stones, you can find an affordable way to provide a small gift to each attendee. Speak with the funeral home to find out what ideas they may have for more options. 

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